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How To Keep Track Of All Your Passwords – For Free

November 2nd, 2013

Tired of forgetting important usernames or passwords?

For years I kept mine in a small spiral-bound notebook on my desk. At home. The problem was, when I was at work, I could not access that notebook.

Google-login-imageSo a couple of years ago I came up with a better solution which I use daily and can access anywhere in the world. It’s a spreadsheet inside Google docs, free for individual users. All you need is a Google account such as Gmail. Google docs is a feature of Google Drive, which provides free online storage in the cloud for anything you can upload to it.

To ensure that it is safe and secure, I added double security with Google’s 2-step verification. Now once you go down the 2-step path, you will have to use it for all Google apps, including Gmail, Google apps on your smartphone or tablet and other Google services. So that is the trade-off. But worth it in my opinion because it keeps all of it secure and pretty much unhackable.